The Celebrityscript works differently than the Follow and Advancedscript. It works by following and unfollowing 10 of the most popular celebrities 144 times a day. Millions of people go through celebrity accounts and some scan through their recent followers looking for interesting people to follow. With you constantly in their recent followers people will start following you non stop. With this script you will gain 150-200+ real followers every day! Checkout the video below. In the beginning it shows what happens when you follow the 10 celebrity accounts and then it shows the script in action with some results at the end.

Save 50% on the Likescript by purchasing with any follow script. The Likescript will like 2000 photos a day, generating you 30+ Followers a day on top of a ton of likes, engagement, and attraction to your page. The Likescript can run simultaneously with any of the follow scripts. The Celebrityscript comes with the Likescript by default.

After Payment

After payment you will receive the script immediately via the email used at checkout. You will then gain access to the members area which will provide full picture, video, and text detailed instructions showing how to set it up. It’s very simple, and shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes.¬†You need a PC or MAC to run the scripts and it needs to stay on.

Important: The email may be sent to your spam/junk folder.

  • Celebrity+Like
  • $99.99
  • Follow and unfollows celebrities
  • Likes 2000 photos a day
  • Gain 150-300 a day
  • 1 time payment for unlimited use
  • Instant Download

Contact me if you have any questions.