1. Is there a monthly payment? It’s a one time payment for unlimited use with free updates!

2. Will my account get blocked or banned? Worst case scenario you could receive a 12-24 hour temporary block from following or liking but this is extremely rare! You don’t have to worry about being disabled unless your account is brand new under 3 weeks old. Instagram is very strict with newly created accounts. We have thousands of customers, the scripts are very safe.

3. Will the Follow/Advancedscript unfollow my real friends? It will unfollow the 80th recent user on your following list, To avoid unfollowing your real friends, you can lock them in by following 100 users before starting the script. By doing this, you will always be following/unfollowing random users.

4. Does my computer have to stay on to run the scripts? Yes it has to stay on to keep them running.

5. Can I run the script on my phone or tablet? No, it has to be on a computer/laptop.

6. How many accounts can I run it on? You can run them on 1 account per computer due to the fact that you can only be logged into Instagram.com with 1 account at a time using Firefox browser.

7. Are the followers real? Yes, the script follow/likes users who post using the hashtags of your choice, so not only are they real but they are also targeted.