*As of September 29, 2017 Firefox 56+ does not support Imacros add-on (Imacros is working on an update) For now you will need to downgrade to Firefox 55.0.3 here is the download link:

Download for PC:

Download for MAC:

Also for the time being, disable automatic updates in Firefox. -> Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Update

The main reasons why your scripts not running properly or you’re not gaining followers:

1. You’re not logged into, You will not be able to follow, like or unfollow anybody if you’re not logged in!

2. Make sure Firefox is in English! If you don’t know how to change the language, google search it.

3. You clicked Play instead of Play loop! Clicking play will only run the script 1 full loop. That’s 1 follow and 1 unfollow. You must put 9999 into the max box and click play loop.

4. Your computer is going into sleep mode shutting the script off! Please make sure sleep mode is off. In some cases you may need to turn off your screen saver as well.

5. If you’re not gaining then the script is not running! Make sure you actually see it going through the motions, following and unfollowing. With the Followscript you should see your following go up and down. To see if the Likescripts running, you can check Instagram on your phone in “Posts you’ve liked”

6. If your script is not unfollowing, you either didn’t edit your username, you edited it incorrectly or you’re minimizing the window. The Follow and Advancedscript Cannot be minimized or they won’t unfollow. You can drag the window basically off your screen with only a small part sticking out so it’s out of the way.

7. Mostly any other bugs can be fixed by clearing your browsing history:

troubleshoot Troubleshooting

The only other issue could be your internet / computer speed. Please make sure to restart your computer at least once every other day to keep things running smooth. You should also close any unnecessary programs. If you have any other issues please Email me thanks!